Haute Belle Events is a full service bespoke event design company based in Corpus Christi, Texas. Under the creative direction and ownership of , Christina Hoover Bonner, Haute Belle Events has been creating incredible custom experiences for their clients for over 7 years. The event team is experienced in galas, weddings, deb parties and more…We take events from start to finish and manage every detail in between.

The forgotten details…

There are things that slip through the cracks when it comes to large events, and they are the exact reason you should hire an experienced planner to handle the details. Were all of your menu cards straight on the plates before guests arrive, has someone triple checked the seating assignment, how will you handle a guest that arrives that didn’t RSVP, and now not only needs a place at the table, but a calligraphy place card? Is there someone onsite to handle your AV needs and make sure the slide show plays at the appropriate time and at the appropriate volume? What time do speeches start and what if the volume needs to be adjusted in real time? What if someone is over served? Where’s the microphone? Did the caterer plate every dish neatly and wipe the edges, just as they surely did in your tasting? The list goes on, but this is the difference between an ordinary event and an event with Haute Belle Events. We pay attention to every single detail, so you can focus on enjoying these special moments with the people you love. The details are what let your guests know that you invested the time and effort required to acknowledge their presence in such a personal way. Let us do that for you!